Thursday, March 24, 2011

Infertility - the man's perspective ! An IVF success story

We were a happy carefree couple, enjoying our freedom to do things that we liked, for the first four years of our marriage. And then when we finally thought of starting a family…. It didn’t happen for another year and we were happy childfree couple. Couldn’t figure out initially what can go wrong, but when we decided to do a reality check, we landed up at a neighborhood Obs&G’s clinic. She ran a few preliminary tests which didn’t point to anything in particular, prescribed few medicines for me. Six months later, the same tests were repeated again, and again. And then I was referred to a urologist for surgery for a suspected varicocele. That’s when it dawned upon us that may be we are knocking on the wrong door!

After a couple of months & a million clicks on the net, we decided to go to a specialist. The research on the net had classified us suffering from “unexplained infertility”. We landed up at Dr Malpani’s in search of explanation. Few new tests were prescribed for my wife and same old ones for me. Everything looked normal to the doc, which was a source of confidence that it would happen sooner or later. We were suggested to try IUI at our local gynec for 3 cycles. There was a hint of sadness creeping up after every unsuccessful IUI. Doubts started cropping up… Did we leave it for too late to start the family? We were back to the drawing board. Dr Malpani assured that everything was ok and he suggested IVF and we decided to go ahead. It’s to the clinic’s credit that the entire process is handled so systematically & in such an organized way that it gives you the confidence that every thing possible will be done, without going overboard,
to make it a success. The entire IVF process went as planned by the doctors and bingo…now we have graduated from being TTC couple to 12 weeks pregnant!

A BIG thanks to both Dr Aniruddha & Dr Anjali and their team!

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