Saturday, July 05, 2008

Patients want PHRs !

Patients want PHRs ! " Four in 5 U.S. adults believe that online PHRs would be beneficial in managing their health and health care.

• Nearly half the public expresses some interest in using one.
• Yet less than 3 percent of the general adult population has an electronic PHR today.
• Among those not interested, concern for privacy is the most frequently cited reason why.
• Majorities of 87 percent to 92 percent say six key privacy practices are factors in their decision to
use an online PHR.
• More than 90 percent said their express agreement should be required for each use of their
online health information.
• More than 75 percent said each of four possible policy enforcement mechanisms would be

Huge market opportunity for anyone who fulfills this unmet market demand !

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