Sunday, July 20, 2008

Learn to Delegate Duties in Your Medical Practice

Learn to Delegate Duties in Your Medical Practice : "If you're the owner or co-owner of your own medical practice, you may spend a lot of time worrying about the details of your business, from the billing and office d├ęcor to patients. But while staying involved in the day-to-day details may seem like a good route to quality control, it's really a good way to mess up your practice.

Here's why: As a physician, your training and experience make you well qualified for examining and treating patients. That training and experience means that your salary is among the highest in your office. And paying a $100,000-a-year staffer (that's you) to order supplies, take preoperative histories, give shots, send out bills, or haggle with HMOs doesn't make financial sense. Instead, you need to use less expensive staffers to take on duties that don't require your skill set, and save your time for doing what brings the real money into the practice: caring for patients and caring for them well."

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