Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Digital HealthCare - Walmart style

Digital HealthCare - Walmart style : "Agwunobi said he knew health care had some problems, but had no idea how badly the system was broken until he took the Wal-Mart job last September and saw how efficient a major retail operation could be.

“Retail has gone through a transformation that is beginning to happen in health and health care,” Agwunobi said. For example, bar coding, which has been around for about 35 years, is pretty much the norm in retail environments. But the same technology is in limited use for tracking medications and supplies in hospitals even today.

“Success or failure is dependent upon whether you keep up with your customers or fall behind. Health care fell behind,” Agwunobi said.

“The bottom line is we think this notion of the personal health record is about the customer,” Agwunobi said, and that the customer will come to realize this. “When we give it to her, we will find that she is a better owner than we have ever been.”"

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