Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Health Care Blog: Information therapy goes beyond evidenced-based info

The Health Care Blog: Information therapy goes beyond evidenced-based info: "What we know from talking with consumers and from a variety of other research and projects is that people have health and health care-related information needs about so many things that have nothing to do with the best evidence-based health information.

Common questions might include:

* How do I find out if this procedure is covered by my insurance?
* Who should I go see for this condition?
* How do I get there?
* What can people who have had this condition tell me about what it’s like to live with it?

The list of questions is virtually endless. The point is that information therapy refers to getting good information to people for whatever the consumer needs for his or her well-being and health/health care-related decision making."

Patients want much more information than doctors realise. And since most doctors feel their job is to provide only medical information about the disease, lots of questions go unanswered. In fact, the truth is that often doctors don't even know the answers to many of these questions ( for example, which is the cheapest brand of a particular drug). Patients want - and deserve - a single stop service which will fulfill all their needs, which is why specialty clinics, which provide all services about a particular problem under one roof ( such as IVF clinics) do so well.

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