Sunday, March 02, 2008

When did you last thank your doctor ?

Many of us tend to treat our doctors as cold professionals . We think they are very busy and are detached and unemotional. However, the truth is that the reason most doctors take up medicine is because they like helping others - which means they need positive stroking like everyone else. Doctors are also human , and like all humans, they respond positively to praise !

When did you last compliment your doctor ? ( And I don't mean just a general non-specific Thank you at the end of the consultation .) I am sure your doctor is doing many ( some things at least ? ) things well , so there are many opportunities for providing positive feedback. Please do so - appreciating what your doctor ( and his staff) does helps him to do a better job . It also considerably improves your chances of getting better care, because it helps you build a better relationship with him ! If you don't want to be treated as just another number, then treat him as a human, by being human yourself.

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