Sunday, March 30, 2008

How To Gut Your Office Of Inefficiency In ONE Move | The EMR/EHR Show: Making Your Electronic Medical Records Really Work

How To Gut Your Office Of Inefficiency In ONE Move "Successful Practices Do THIS — So Should You.” It sounds so simple, but I can attest to its profound effects on reclaimed time — and best of all, it works regardless of your EMR platform. And with a sensible use of technology, it will work regardless of your office size. The concept is “Having everyone in the office practice to the top of their licensure.” It basically means this: docs should do doc level tasks, MAs should do MA level tasks, and clerical/phone staff should do clerical and phone intake tasks."

The trouble is that doctors take so much pride in doing everything themselves ( they make excellent micromanagers because they are good at nitpicking and pay close attention to detail !), that they waste a lot of their time ( and that of their staff) doing stuff which is best done by their employees !

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