Sunday, March 30, 2008

Qliance Primary Care - Practice

Qliance Primary Care - Practice: "Over 40¢ of every $1 you spend on primary care traditionally goes toward costs associated with insurance billing and reimbursement. That means your physician has to see a lot more patients to make ends meet. No wonder it takes forever to get an appointment, and when you do, your doctor is in a hurry. Insurance is appropriate to protect you against catastrophic illnesses. However, it may interfere with your routine primary and preventive care, while increasing the cost. Qliance is reinventing healthcare by providing unhurried and personalized primary and preventive care for an affordable monthly fee.

How can we do this? We bypass the insurance middleman. Instead of spending that 40% of what you pay for primary care on back office staff and accounting or giving it to the insurance company, we use it for state of-the-art technology, more providers, longer operating hours and lower prices. The bottom line is that you—not the insurance company—become our customer and benefit from true patient-centered primary care."

Here's a great example of using technology to help doctors provide better care directly to patients. Why don't more doctors do this ?

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