Monday, March 17, 2008

The Kidney Transplant Racket - a different point of view

Indian newspapers have been full of the Kidney Transplant Racket in the last few weeks. The common denominator for all the stories is that they have demonised the concerned doctor.
Here's a typical quote.
Amit Kumar, 43, is accused of running a private hospital just outside Delhi which allegedly lured or forced hundreds of poor people into giving up their kidneys, and made millions by selling their organs.
While his actions are inexcusable, I am surprised not one single reporter has focussed on the patient's side of the story. Doesn't this need to be covered ?

They claim he has done hundreds of transplants . Each kidney transplant is a life-saving operation, which means he must have saved the lives of hundreds of patients. I am sure many of his patients must be rich and influential VIPs . However, not one single patient ( or their family member) has stood up for the doctor !

When they were desperate, they must have promised him the earth. " Doctor, my father is dying. Only you can save him ! We cannot get a donor kidney ! Can you please help us ? We can pay you what you want ! "

Today, no one is willing to help him !

If it was your own mother who was dying of kidney failure, what would you do ? Why has not even one reporter tried to track down the patients who received the transplanted kidneys - and a new lease of life - and get their version of the story ?

The fact remains that patients were forced to seek extra-legal remedies because the regular healthcare system has failed them miserably.

While I am not condoning his actions, making this doctor a scapegoat does not address the underlying problem ! All it seems to do is to give people a pulpit to beat up on the medical profession.

We need to look for constructive win-win solutions and different points of view.

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  1. Anonymous9:26 PM

    Intresting observations... reporters must get this side of the story too. Also it is still not clear to me if people were coerced or did this voluntarily.


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