Friday, March 21, 2008

Blue Cross to push wellness in plans --

Blue Cross to push wellness in plans -- "The movement by employers and insurance companies to put employee wellness at the forefront of consumer health choices is getting a big boost under a new push by the nation's fourth largest health insurance company.

Chicago-based Health Care Service Corp., parent of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois, added the word 'wellness' to the mission statements of its four health plans.

But just adding the words to the company mission statement makes it more than corporate speak from the Health Care Service human resources department, company executives said. Rather, the company has embarked on a variety of wellness initiatives, including incorporating wellness programs in basic health benefit packages it sells just like hospitalization coverage and physician care has been for years."

All insurance companies will do this soon - it makes a lot of business sense do so ! After all, every time a customer falls sick, the health insurance company has to shell out money and pay for his illness care . It's far cheaper for them to make sure their customers remain healthy - prevention is much cheaper than cure !

After all, it is meant to be a health insurance policy - not an illness insurance policy.

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