Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The world's first free PHR for infertile couples !

Infertility is a very common medical problem which affects 15% of all married couples. In fact, it is the commonest medical problem amongst young couples in the reproductive age group
( 20-40). While there is an increasing demand for infertility treatment, both from couples in India and those coming as medical tourists from the US and UK, many of these patients are not aware of the best treatment options which are available today.

In order to remedy this, we are now offering infertile couples from all over the world an opportunity to store and access their medical records online at
- free of charge !

This Personal Health Record ( PHR) is available 24/7; can be updated any time; can be shared with all doctors , consultants and specialists; and can be downloaded on a flash drive. We also provide exciting value-added services such as sending patient reminder SMSes during their “fertile time” so they can improve their chances of getting pregnant naturally !

This is an extremely valuable service, which will help to revolutionise the way care is provided to infertile couples, because it will empower them with information, so they are in control of their lives and their treatment.

The Infertilty PHR is the first specialized product targetted at a highly motivated group of patients. We plan to roll out a series of such PHRs for specific segments; such as pregnant women; children; and chronic diseases such as arthritis, diabetes and heart disease.

Patients are the largest untapped healthcare resource; and by providing them with the tools they need, we can help them to promote their health , and prevent and treat medical problems in the family in partnership with their doctor.

I am an angel investor in Yos Technologies , which provides a comprehensive "Personal Healthcare System" which includes PHRs, Healthcare tools and applications for Preventive and Continuous Care ( It is a startup located in Bangalore which aims to empower patients with information, so that they can get the best medical care, by providing them with a free Personal Health Record. The CEO is Vijaya Verma; and the other angel investor is Rajesh Jain.

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