Friday, February 15, 2008

How an online Infertility Record Manager can help you get better medical care

  • Have you ever been in a situation where the doctor cannot locate your old ultrasound scans ? the lab has misplaced your blood test results ? the nurse has mis-filed your consultation sheet ?
  • Have you ever felt that your doctor does not have a clue as to what he plans to do with you during this visit, because he has not documented his thoughts or treatment plan ?
  • Is your doctor so disorganised, that he does not keep your medical records at all ?
  • Do you find yourself repeating your entire history over and over again to your doctor, because he cannot remember what you discussed in your last visit ?
  • Have you been forced by your doctor to get a blood test repeated because you could not find your old reports ?
  • Has your doctor ever got upset with you because you forgot to bring your old reports with you to the consultation ?
  • Have you found yourself in the embarrassing position of going to the doctor without your lab results - as a result of which you wasted your time and your doctor's and had to go back again for another visit ?
  • Have you felt like an idiot because you could not remember the dates of your last menstrual cycle when your doctor asked you for this information ?

The Dr Malpani Infertility PHR can help prevent all these problems ! They are available safely and securely - 24/7 - and can be accessed through any PC - and even though your mobile ! If you are willing to take the time and trouble to maintain them and update them, this can go a long way in ensuring your records help you get the best medical care.

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