Sunday, February 10, 2008

Getting paid for online and phone consultations !

Getting paid for online and phone consultations: "What is CPT code 0074T? In 2004, the American Medical Association published a new CPT code 0074T that allows US health plans to reimburse physicians for online consultations. Code 0074T is defined as: 'Online evaluation & management service, per encounter, provided by a physician, using the Internet or similar electronic communications network, in response to a patient's request.'

How are physicians paid?

Physicians are compensated for American Well consultations in the same way as an office visit. This includes the consumer's co-pay and the health plan portion (depending on the member's benefit). American Well claims are often processed more quickly, because the claim is automatically submitted during the consultation, and the member's co-pay is charged to a credit card before the consultation begins."

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