Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Helping infertile patients to get better organised

Infertility treatment can be stressful ! You may be overwhelmed by a hectic schedule of medical checkups and infertility tests and treatments. Gathering and keeping track of all of the information generated can be a challenging task ! Not only do you have to decipher all that medical jargon ( sometimes it feels like you are studying for a PhD !), you have to make sure that your family doctor and andrologist and IVF specialist are on the same page and talking to each other, because it often feels like the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing.

When you are going through the worry and stress of infertility problems, the last additional burden you need is to have to remember the results of every test and procedure that you've had for the last 6 months!

You know that Knowledge is Power - but how do you apply this to your own treatment ?

We can help ! For the first time in the world, we are pleased to be able to offer you an online Personal Health Record, customised to help iyou gain control over their treatment.

The Infertility PHR is designed to help you manage your infertility treatment from beginning to end. The PHR provides you a centralized place to organise , store, and protect your infertility information, testing and records so that you :

* Never have to look for test results from your doctor, or wonder what test you had performed
* Make it easy for a spouse/relative or friend to find your medical records in an emergency
* Easily document and track the infertility medications you are taking
* Never have to worry about trying to explain the details of your healthcare to someone else (such as another doctor or infertility specialist)
* Track and document all of the critical aspects of infertility including, your body temperature, fertility charts, doctor recommendations and treatment plan, lab tests, and any questions you may have when trying to become pregnant
* Make it easier for you to get a second opinion
* Never have to beg your doctor for a copy of your own medical records!
* Share what you choose with trusted friends and guides, so they can provide you with information tailored to your needs
* With the Dr Malpani Infertility PHR, you now have all of your treatment records at your finger tips.

PHRs can help to revolutionise healthcare - by putting you in control of the treatment your receive !

As a smart patient, you understand the importance of tracking and organizing your infertility treatment medical records . We can help you ! You can store and access all your medical records online at - free of charge. This Personal Health Record ( PHR) is available 24/7; can be updated any time; can be shared with all doctors; and can be downloaded on a flash drive.

We also provide exciting value-added services such as sending you an SMS during your fertile time , so you can improve your chances of getting pregnant naturally !

Your medical records are too important to be left upto your doctor or clinic. These are your responsibility - you need to guard them jealously. A well-organised medical record can spell the difference between failure and success !

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