Saturday, February 02, 2008

BBC - Health - Talking to your doctor - GPs' bad days

BBC - Health - Talking to your doctor - GPs' bad days: "It's easy to forget that GP ( General Practitioner or Family Physician) s have personal lives: their children may have kept them up all night, they could have older relatives to look after, or have relationship problems. In this respect, they're no different to anyone else.

Patients react differently when they find this out at first hand, when their GP seems bored, tired, fed-up, uninterested or even angry. If you've known your GP for a while you may recognise when they're having a bad day and probably won't think any more about it.

If your GP appears to be having a bad day, instead of getting angry or frustrated, acknowledge that they seem to be having a rough time. Often this acknowledgement will help your GP get back on track and you'll get the care and attention you need."

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