Monday, February 25, 2008

Infertility SUCKS!

Infertility SUCKS!: "We've finally made our decision-it's time for IVF#4.
I am, quite honestly, scared shitless. It would be different if it were our first cycle-full of the optimism that it will surely work and we'll end up with twins and everything will be picture perfect, blah blah blah. Three IVF cycles, numerous FET's, and a lot of heartache later, Sean and I both know that there's no guarantees in this. We're both a bit jaded about it all; in some ways, we're sort of going through the motions with this-perhaps it's because we're unsure of the outcome (ie. a baby) or maybe it's because we've been through this before and we're used to the drill....I'm not sure."

Infertility blogs written by infertile women ( the vast majority are by women !) are very helpful for other infertile couples, because they provide support, comfort, helpful tips and insight. It's helpful to belong to a community when you are in pan, because you know you are not alone. Such blogs are very helpful for infertility specialists as well - they help us to become more empathetic, so we learn to see things from the patients' point of view !

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