Monday, February 25, 2008

How patients can heal a sick healthcare system

I feel the healthcare system today is sick because it is doctor-centric. Healthcare is fragmented and disorganized and there are too many specialists , most of whom have tunnel vision.

In order to reform the healthcare ecosystem , we need to put patients at the center ! We believe that patients are the largest untapped healthcare resource !

Patients ( or their relatives and friends) are : intelligent and capable; and because they have a lot at stake , they are motivated to get good health care and will be willing to invest time and energy if given the right tools to ensure a good outcome.

We need to provide the tools directly to patients !

I feel there are 3 major influences which will help patients to regain control over their healthcare.

1. Patients will keep their own medical records using a PHR ( Personal Health Record)
2. Information Therapy can be precribed to them, tailored to their needs, based on their medical problems captured in the PHR
3. Web 2.0 technologies will allow them to form social communities to help and support each other.

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