Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Planetree Hospital: Here's What that Means to You

Planetree Hospital: Here's What that Means to You: "What's the Planetree philosophy? It's a way of providing care that's focused on you, the patient, rather than on the provider. It means that patients are given choices and encouraged to be actively involved in their health care. The Planetree philosophy also recognizes the important role that family support, nutrition, integrative therapies, music and art play in the patient's healing experience. As a Planetree hospital, we have joined an elite family of hospitals from across the country. Planetree hospitals are dedicated to the healing of mind-body-spirit; are patient-centered, value-based, holistic; and support the safety of patients through active involvement in their own care. Here at your hospital, it's always been our vision to provide extraordinary care that's focused on you. So being a part of Planetree is a 'natural' fit. It's a commitment that says we're dedicated to providing hospital care that's nurturing and personalized. And it means that we try to look at medical situations and care through the patient's eyes (and through the family's eyes). It's a way of taking into account every aspect of your care and healing and well-being."
Why aren't all hospitals like this ?

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  1. I think the Plaintree philosophy reflects the values we would all like to see embodied in the medical care we get.

    My experience (of more years than I will admit to)and the literature both tell me that most culture change efforts fail to be sustained, even those that follow the Kotter model. Is there any data that demonstrates the sustainability of Plaintree initiatives?


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