Monday, May 08, 2006

Broadening Friendships Beyond Medicine

Broadening Friendships Beyond Medicine:
" Michael Myers, M.D., often hears physicians say they'd like to expand their circle of friends beyond their colleagues in medicine, but they're not sure how to go about it. “I hear so many first-person accounts from physicians who say it's really neat to be going out with some people who have nothing to do with medicine at all,” said Dr. Myers, a psychiatrist based in Vancouver, B.C., who specializes in physician health. “Then they make statements like, ‘I realize there's a whole other world out there' or ‘I think my work sometimes gets me too focused on disease and illness, or death or dying, and I forget sometimes that there are other people who are doing fascinating things.’” In fact, sometimes his psychiatry colleagues make statements such as, “When I'm with my nonmedical, no-psychiatry friends, I realize not everybody's depressed,” Dr. Myers said. “They find it refreshing.”"
I often find patients make great friends - and they teach me a lot about the "real world" which exists outside the four walls of my clinic.

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