Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Book for Midwives

A Book for Midwives from the Hesperian Foundation The Hesperian Foundation has very generously made the full text of its marvellous book, A Book for Midwives, available online for free. This is a brilliant book - check it out. If it's true that the hand which rocks the cradle rules the world, then the availability of this book online will help to improve the prospects for the next generation in many parts of the developing world !
* Introduction-Chapter 3: Words to midwives, Treating health problems, A woman's body in pregnancy
* Chapters 4-6: Helping women stay healthy, Preventing infection, Common changes in pregnancy
* Chapters 7-8: Learning a pregnant woman's health history, Prenatal checkups
* Chapters 9-11: Getting ready for labor and birth, Giving good care during labor and birth, Opening: stage 1 of labor
* Chapters 12-13: Pushing: stage 2 of labor, The birth of the placenta: stage 3 of labor
* Chapters 14-16: The first few hours after the birth, The first weeks after the birth, Breastfeeding
* Chapters 17-18: Family Planning, Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
* Chapter 19: Advanced skills for pregnancy and birth
* Chapters 20-21: The pelvic exam: How to examine a woman's vagina and womb, How to insert an IUD
* Chapter 22: Helping a woman after a pregnancy ends early
* Chapter 23: Manual vacuum aspiration
* Chapter 24-25; Appendices: Getting medical help, Homemade tools and teaching materials, Medicines (green pages), To learn more, Technical and medical words, Index (yellow pages)."

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