Tuesday, May 16, 2006

New era will test doctors' skill at pleasing consumers

New era will test doctors' skill at pleasing consumers : "The introduction of consumer-driven health plans and associated health savings accounts are being hailed as the path to managing costs. With a higher deductible and lower premium, the goal is to provide employees an incentive to avoid unnecessary services, stay healthy, participate in disease-management programs and shop for care, not just on quality, value and service, but on price.
Consumers vote with their feet. Attracting and keeping them will no longer be about signing the right contracts but more on properly managing the doctor-patient relationship. That means making the experience the best it can be with a renewed commitment and a creative approach to customer service. That could actually mean spending more time with patients and making them wait less. Otherwise, patients will keep doctors waiting as they beat a path to someone else's door."
Medicine will become a service profession once more !

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