Monday, May 22, 2006

The Chronic Care Model

The Chronic Care Model: Patients with chronic illnesses consume a significant chunk of a doctor's time and healthcare resources. However, their care often leave a lot to be desired. "These deficiencies include:
* Rushed practitioners not following established practice guidelines
* Lack of care coordination
* Lack of active follow-up to ensure the best outcomes
* Patients inadequately trained to manage their illnesses
Overcoming these deficiencies will require nothing less than a transformation of health care, from a system that is essentially reactive – responding mainly when a person is sick – to one that is proactive and focused on keeping a person as healthy as possible.To speed the transition, Improving Chronic Illness Care has created the Chronic Care Model, which summarizes the basic elements for improving care in health systems at the community, organization, practice and patient levels."

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