Friday, May 12, 2006

Basic requirements for a PHR

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" 1. Electronic medical record systems should be designed so that they can exchange all their stored data according to public standards
2. Giving patients control over permissions to view their record—as well as creation, collation,annotation, modification, dissemination, use, and deletion of the record—is key to ensuring patients' access to their own medical information while
protecting their privacy
3. Many existing electronic medical record systems fragment medical records by adopting incompatible means of acquiring, processing,storing, and communicating data
4. Record systems should be able to accept data (historical, radiological, laboratory, etc) from multiple sources including physician's offices,hospital computer systems, laboratories, and patients' personal computers
5. Consumers are managing bank accounts,investments, and purchases on line, and many turn to the web for gathering information about medical conditions; they will expect this level of control to be extended to online medical
Very well written article - this is what the future holds. If this is what patients want, why aren't we giving it to them ?

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