Monday, May 08, 2006

Elective Cesarean: Honor Her Choice.

Elective Cesarean: Honor Her Choice: ". Any decision between cesarean delivery by maternal request or trial of labor ultimately lies with the woman, once the potential risks and benefits associated with C-section have been discussed, concluded an independent panel of experts on cesarean section. “Her decision should be honored,” said Dr. Mary E. D'Alton, panel chairperson, speaking at a conference on cesarean delivery sponsored by the National Institutes of Health."
I am sure gynecologists will be very pleased to " honour her choice " - after all, doing a C/S is much more lucrative for them - and much easier too ! As every good doctor will acknowledge, it's quite easy to "push" patients into accepting what the doctor says, so I wonder how much of this will be "free" choice ! I wonder how happy insurance companies will be about this - and whether they will be willing to accept " Patient's Choice" as an indication for doing what is a major surgical procedure, which costs a lot of money !

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