Thursday, September 08, 2022

Why IVF patients are overtreated, over tested and overcharged ?

 There are numerous reasons why IVF treatment is expensive, including the fact that it requires a lot of ability and knowledge, the consumables and disposables are imported, and they cannot be recycled. There is no doubt that IVF treatment is costly. But what worries me is that many of these costs are totally unnecessary and that they are being incurred not to raise the patient's probability of becoming pregnant but rather to increase the doctor's earnings.

The most frequent issue is excessive testing. Doctors routinely prescribe too many tests, the majority of which are performed mindlessly as a battery of tests. The unfortunate patient ends up in a tube ceiling going from one test to another test from consultant to another consultant because the more issues you discover, the more treatments you propose. One of which actually increases their chances of becoming pregnant and many of these tests are a complete waste of money.

However, all of these tests lead to excessive testing and treatment, which not only results in significant financial loss but also significant time loss because the doctor must wait until the abnormality has resolved before performing the test again. You end up wasting three months, six months, or even a year waiting for your in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment to start, during which time you age, your ovarian reserve continues to decline, and you ultimately reduce your chance of becoming pregnant.

This is such a shame, and it's why you need to be informed. You can't afford to leave everything to a doctor and just because the only doctor who does lots of tests is typically the one who has no idea what they're doing so they're going off on shipping expeditions which means fishing expeditions which means they're looking for things which they don't even know are there and typically when you don't know what to look for you end up finding stuff which is irrelevant you go down multiple rabbit holes you look for multiple red herrings one of which is very profitable for the doctor but not good for you as a patient so patients need to be aware.

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