Sunday, September 25, 2022

Demand embryo photos from your IVF doctor | Embryo Photos

 Demanding something from a doctor is unusual because patients are meant to be docile and compliant. But the reality is that most IVF patients are completely clueless about IVF treatment, and, sadly, bad doctors exploit their ignorance. They contribute to it by refusing to share information with patients and keeping them in the dark. Most doctors will take a very patronizing attitude towards patients. They tell them that IVF is so complex that they won't be able to understand it, so there's no point in wasting the doctor's precious time by asking him questions or even doing an internet search.

Rather, a good patient should trust the doctor blindly and leave everything in their capable hands. This is fine if you happen to end up in a good IVF clinic, but the bitter truth is that the number of bad IVF clinics far outweighs the number of good IVF clinics.

And if you can't differentiate between a good clinic and a bad clinic, you could end up in serious trouble. The simple solution to this problem is to demand photos of your embryos and good IVF doctors are happy when you ask for them. because they are open and transparent and take pride in the quality of medical care that they provide.

They are happy to document this because, if they have made good quality embryos for you in their IVF lab, your confidence in them is going to increase. Also, this improves their professional reputation because, when you ask other doctors for a second opinion, they can confirm that the quality of medical care you received is good based on the photos of your embryos.

 Bad doctors, on the other hand, are in the business of hiding information because they don't have confidence in the competence of their IVF lab. They will often lie to patients and tell them that their embryos are A-grade or top quality, but without providing photographs to prove it.

This statement doesn't actually mean anything at all. This is why intelligent, well-informed patients always demand embryo photos, and the right time to demand photos is before you start your treatment by ensuring that the IVF clinic routinely provides photos to all their patients. This simple step will ensure that you don't get stuck in a bad IVF clinic and then regret your decision later on because you ended up wasting your time, money, and energy in a poor-quality clinic.

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