Friday, September 16, 2022

How can older women get pregnant ?

The majority of older women are aware that their chances of becoming pregnant are reduced and that menopause is a natural part of aging.

They also recognize that there is a biological clock at work. Due to their ignorance of the rate-limiting factor and the location of the biological clock, their likelihood of becoming pregnant decreases. Fascinatingly, the uterus lacks a biological clock.

That much is relatively passive for the uterus. The uterus doesn't require much work; it functions somewhat like the soil; the seed does all the work of growing, just as the embryo does all the work of implanting; the uterus simply permits the implantation process to take place.

As a result, even as women age and even after 25 years of menopause, we can still successfully conceive them because their uteruses will function normally once they are given estrogen and progesterone, which is just a straightforward hormone replacement therapy.

So the good news is that even as you age, even after menopause, if you're willing to use donor eggs or donor embryos, or you're lucky and you've frozen your younger eggs earlier, you can get pregnant and carry that pregnancy, there's no need for you to think about using surrogacy older women do not need surrogacy.

If they are unable to conceive naturally, they should think about IVF; if they are unable to conceive through IVF due to a poor ovarian response, they should think about donor eggs. This is because it is the ovaries, not the uterus, that begin to lose function as women age; the uterus, which is a remarkable organ that never ages, regenerates itself every menstrual cycle. It can be psychologically very difficult to accept the truth that using donor eggs would be much preferable to using a surrogate if you are older, but we can measure your blood test called an amh level or perform an anterior follicle count to determine your ovarian age.

No matter what you decide, you should be aware of the facts so that you can make an informed choice. so that you won't look back and feel guilty about spending a lot of money on the wrong treatment.

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