Saturday, September 03, 2022

How to handle the emotional stress during the IVF process ?

One of the reasons IVF treatment is so stressful is that it's impossible to predict whether the cycle will work or not. This is why most women are anxious and worried before beginning an IVF cycle, and this is especially true if they failed one IVF cycle and are starting the second one; they're full of doubts and questions, will the cycle work, will we do something different this time, why did it fail the first time, and a lot of their stress and anxiety begins to affect their daily life.

It begins to affect how they interact with others, particularly their husbands, and their husbands become increasingly concerned because they believe their wife is completely obsessed; all they can think about is why did the cycle fail or what can I do to prevent failure, how can I reduce the chances of failure, and what can I do to increase the chances of success.

Most of these patients now spend their entire day on an IVF website, devouring any information they come across, whether it's on a WhatsApp group, a Facebook group, Instagram, or a website, and they're often confused because there's so much conflicting information that they're not really sure what applies to them.

Their husbands think they're crazy because that's all they think about all day, and they want them to keep their sanity, but what husbands really mean is that obsessing and worrying about it won't change the outcome.

“ Let us pause and just give it our all. “

“ Let's stop worrying “. That's very easy for the husband to say and very difficult for a woman to do and in fact, the woman frequently misinterprets this as thinking – “ Oh, my husband isn't being empathetic at all “. He doesn't understand what I'm going through “. That’s why both of you should read the book - Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus “.

The truth is both of you are on the same side – so please be patient and support and love each other during this difficult time, please

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