Thursday, September 15, 2022

Mistakes IVF patients make when choosing an IVF clinic | Tips to avoid these mistakes

 The most common error is to blindly rely on their family doctor, general practitioner, or gynecologist to refer them to a clinic because they believe and hope that their doctor is a trustworthy source of medical information and will act as a trusted gatekeeper and send them to the in vitro fertilization clinic with the highest success rate.

This used to be true, but due to the widespread corruption that now permeates the healthcare industry, your family doctor will frequently refer you to the clinic with the greatest kickback instead of the clinic with the highest success rate. This lessens your likelihood of becoming pregnant while also helping him to make more money.

The second issue is that they don't research potential IVF doctors before choosing one. Instead, they assume that an institution is reputable simply because a friend of theirs became pregnant there, or because it paid for a full-page newspaper advertisement, purchased a press release, or won an award.

 The truth is that not all in vitro fertilization clinics are created equal. Competence levels and success rates range greatly between good and bad facilities. Before choosing the clinic that is best for you, you should conduct your research.

One easy method to do this is to interview at least two clinics, make a short list, and then choose the clinic that you like the most. The third and most significant error patients make is expecting the doctor to tell them how their cycle is progressing while they are actually receiving ivf treatment. The problem is that the main doctor is never available, so they must rely on either the assistant or the nurse, leaving them completely in the dark.

The key message is that you shouldn't base your decision on an IVF clinic's brand name, reputation, or doctor's recommendation. By investing in information treatment, you must actively participate in making this important choice.

The good news is that doing this is simple. Before beginning your cycle, simply confirm that the clinic only performs day 5 blastocyst transfers and routinely gives all of its patients photographs of their embryos.

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