Monday, September 12, 2022

Why is putting patients first important?

As an IVF doctor, I believe in putting patients first and this is one of the reasons why I share so much information on our website and our youtube videos. And I'm pretty frank and forthright and quite willing to criticize bad IVF doctors because of the wrong things which they do lots of doctors don't like this, lots of doctors believe that patients are stupid they shouldn't ask any questions. They should just do what the doctor tells them. Now good IVF doctors appreciate the fact that I'm trying to educate patients by providing information therapy, bad doctors, on the other hand, feel threatened they get worried they don't want to have to answer questions to their patients because they'd rather deal with ignorant clueless patients. And this is part of the problem that we allow these bad doctors to get away with providing extremely poor quality medical care.

They lie to patients they don't document the treatment, they don't do blossoms transfers, they don't provide photographs of embryos, and they make all kinds of tall claims one of the cruelest things they do is they give an HCG injection, after the transfer so the urine pregnancy test comes back as positive and the patient feels oh great I'm pregnant such a good doctor whereas actually the patient is not pregnant it's the HCG which the doctor gave in the form of an injection which gets excreted in the urine and gives rise to a false positive urine pregnancy test or gives rise to a positive HCG blood test.

And I'm fairly articulate about my criticism because I think patients are the ones who need to know and I'm perfectly okay if others don't agree with me but I think the important thing is they need to explain what they don't agree about and if they have an alternative point of view I'm quite happy to listen to their perspective. I'm not saying I have a monopoly of information I'm not saying I'm the only one who knows whatever there is to know I'm not saying that I have all the answers but what I am saying is I'm willing to share answers with patients in language and videos which they can understand and I think that's a big difference because the reason we put patients first is that patients should make well-informed decisions for themselves this is something which trusts me, good doctors. Need help in getting pregnant? Please send me your medical details by filling in the form at so that I can guide you!

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