Friday, September 02, 2022

Which tests are unnecessary during IVF treatment?

 Patients who have had consultations at other clinics frequently come to our office with a lengthy list of tests that their doctor has prescribed for them. and many of these tests—such as those that examine sperm DNA fragmentation, the immune system, or the torch—are absolutely useless. Sometimes we wonder why doctors order so many useless tests.

They are expensive, they make patients anxious when the results are abnormal, and they actually don't improve the patient's treatment at all. But I believe that one of the reasons doctors order so many tests— and I'm not just saying this they do it just to make money—is that patients expect them to do so.  After all, isn't that what doctors do? Without the test, how will he be able to make a diagnosis, and without a diagnosis, how will he be able to provide the proper treatment? And they have a hunch that the doctor will make the correct diagnosis and thus prescribe the proper course of action if he conducts a lot of tests, is thorough, and is meticulous.

 Patients sometimes think that the more expensive the tests, the better the doctor, which is sometimes the reason why there's a race, so doctors order all kinds of tests. However, in reality, the more tests the doctor orders, the more profitable it is for him, but also the more abnormalities you will find, and in reality, a lot of these abnormalities are not clinically important or relevant and they just distract you, which causes you to go off in a wild goose chase. Because of his insensitive nature, you wind up spending a lot of time, and your IVF treatment simply enters a death spiral when he performs a thyroid test and then refers you to a thyroid specialist or he performs some immunological testing and then they come back as abnormal.

When your doctor recommends a test, the easiest approach to protect yourself is to ask just one simple question: How will this test impact my treatment? Please don't take the test if it doesn't affect how you're being treated. You shouldn't be treated like a test subject; you should understand everything the doctor is doing and why. If you look out for your own interests, the doctor will do the same for you.

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