Monday, September 05, 2022

Patients must take their own decision | IVF Tips

 The one piece of advice I give all my IVF patients is that they should learn to make their own decisions for themselves. It can be very tempting to have a doctor make the decision for you because, for one thing, doctors in India tend to have a very paternalistic attitude, and patients are quite happy to put the doctor on a pedestal, which means they expect the doctor to tell them what to do.

 After all, that's why they are paying the consultation fees, isn't the doctor supposed to be all of the options are appropriate for the patient who decides to make that decision for themselves, which is why it's crucial to invest in information therapy.

I always tell patients that when you're making their decisions, it's important to consider information therapy. You could choose not to have a baby, you could choose to adopt a baby, you could choose to do IVF as many times as you like, you could choose to do third-party reproduction with donor eggs, and so on. make sure you start by using your brain.

 You've done your research and are aware of all your possibilities. Please don't underestimate your intelligence or assume that you won't be able to understand because it annoys me. You're brilliant. Pretend that you're completing this homework for your younger sister, for example, and not for yourself so that you do it a little objectively.

Since it is your life, it's very easy for me to tell you what to do, but I'm not going to live with the consequences of that decision, and tomorrow if you're not happy with that decision, I don't want you to come back.

Doctors are specialists in what we do, but ultimately you're the one who makes that decision for yourself because it is your life. Pay attention to your intuition and give yourself ample time to decide. Except that it has emotional repercussions, this is not a simple choice.

It's very difficult, so it's very helpful to have a sounding board you can talk your decision through with. Ideally, this will be your husband, but it could also be your mother, any family member, or any mentor. This person should be someone you feel comfortable talking to in private and who will tell you what to do for your own best interests. I believe that once you go through this process, you should give yourself enough time so that your heart will finally tell you what's right for you.

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