Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Why is it that my HCG always positive after IVF treatment , but I still don't have a baby ?

A patient sent me this email

I have had several IVF treatments since the last 2 years . Each time my pregnancy result was positive after 14 days , but thereafter it became negative.  My doctor says the embryos were Grade A each time, and calls this is a chemical pregnancy. Please advise if you have new methods or technologies where the  uterus can hold the embryos for longer . Or should I consider surrogacy ?  

Repeated positive pregnancy tests in many IVF cycles raises a red flag that the doctor is taking the patient for a ride.

The commonest trick is to give the patient HCG injections after the transfer, so that the pregnancy test will come back as positive ( because this HCG enters the blood stream , and is then excreted in the urine). The patient is excited that she is pregnant, and the doctor can claim success, saying that the fact that the HCG was positive means that his IVF treatment  worked.

Of course,  since this is  not really a pregnancy, the HCG levels will decline . The doctor will then say the patient miscarried, and some will even blame the patient for the pregnancy loss, by claiming that she did not rest properly, or ate something which caused the pregnancy to get dislodged ! The poor patient now starts blaming herself, and is quite happy to go back to the doctor and spend even more money, in the hope that in the next cycle, her uterus will not "reject" the embryo.

It breaks my heart when I see patients being taken for a ride by unscrupulous IVF doctors !

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