Saturday, February 10, 2018

Thank you Dr Malpani !

                                                                                                                                                                Febuary 8, 2018
Dear Dr. Malpani,
The following is my testimonial to how you and your lovely wife and staff were instrumental in transforming my life by helping me become a mother to my lovely daughter.  In order to keep my information confidential, I am omitting the exact dates and keeping my identity anonymous.
My husband is diagnosed with a condition called ‘ maturation arrest’ which means that his testes does not produce sperms , no matter how well he ejaculates.  Hence, he is unable to ever become a biological father.
Although I always wanted to adopt kids instead of desiring to become a biological mom of any, his parents and he were not open to this option.  Hence, being the dutiful Indian daughter-in-law, I agreed to obtain my husband’s sister’s husband’s sperm and have an IVF procedure done in the country of where I reside.
The result was a success and I became the blessed mom of a healthy baby boy.
As my sister-in-law would occasionally taunt me as to how I ‘owe’ her this ‘favor’ of being a mom, I was against getting another child through her husband’s sperm again.
Fast forward 6 years later, my son began showing symptoms of severe anxiety should my husband and I ever leave him or die.  I realized that he was correct in that if my husband or I died, that he would be officially alone in this world without a ‘known immediate blood sibling’. Thus, I became open to having another child.
By then, I was 36 years old and my biological clock was ticking. I also didn’t know who else would be willing to be a sperm donor as asking my sil’s husband was NOT an option we desired.
We agreed that using an anonymous donor would be our best option.
After a few email exchanges to coordinate the timing of the treatment and our travel plans, we set off for Mumbai, where my husband and I were very well-received by Dr. Malpani’s warm staff of nurses.  Dr. Malpani, although super busy, didn’t waste any time in giving me his set of medicinal drugs and injections to make sure that my body would ovulate on time (as I had a history of polycystic ovaries).  His gentle, patient, yet honest way of communication was very much appreciated. I must also thank his lovely wife for her aid in checking that my uterus was fit enough to undergo the treatment with her infectious smile and easygoing personality.
After 2 weeks of using his treatment, I returned to his clinic to receive the IVF treatment where he would extract my eggs . so that he could fertilise them and then transfer the embryos inside my womb. 
While he was doing so, I remember keeping my Lord’s picture underneath my pillow and chanting his name while the supportive nurses smiled understandably. I had no doubt that this would work out as my Lord had come to me in a dream and told me that I would have 2 children. After the procedure, I was knocked out and fast asleep.  I remember someone calling out my name while I was in an unconscious state.  It was Dr. Malpani who had entered the room to exclaim, “Do you know how many eggs you had?” I groggily shook my head. He then said, “Thirteen!!!” (Honestly, I think that was the number although it could have one more or fewerJ) I understood that this meant that I was ‘quite fertile’ and that it was a good sign but at that time, I couldn’t care less as all I wanted to do was sleep!
Soon, we returned to the clinic where Dr. Malpani showed us the healthiest of the embryos and suggested we transfer one. However, we requested him to insert 2, and he agreed. Our dream of creating our ‘complete family’ for our first-born was soon going to be a reality!
While inserting the embryos back inside of me, I sang my Lord’s name again.  Dr. Malpani and his nurses  were very openly approving and accepting again of me behaving like an unconventional patient to which I thank them from the bottom of my heart. That day, I left the clinic with the potential to have 3 children.
After a few weeks, I was required to take a blood test at a nearby blood lab. When they called me a few days later, I was informed that I was pregnant! This news was not much of a surprise for me because I knew that the Lord’s words are always true. However, you can imagine our happiness when we found out!:)  One of the embryos vanished from my womb and the strongest one to survive could withstand the rest of my 1st trimester which was filled with bumpy riskshaw road rides, my son mistakenly kicking my stomach very hard while sleeping with me and a long flight back to my residing country.
Today I am a proud mother of a lovely son and a beautiful, strong daughter.
Without a doubt, Dr. Malpani and his wife and staff have been immensely instrumental and God send. My family and I thank you all profusely from the bottom of our hearts and wish you all immense happiness and love.

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