Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The free IVF camp mela !

Many IVF clinics have started offering free IVF camps.

This seems like a great deal for infertile couples  - after all,who would say No to a free consultation from an IVF specialist ? What's the harm in getting an opinion ?

Instead of Mohammed going to the mountain, here the mountain is coming to Mohammed ! Isn't this something any sensible patient would take advantage of ?

The reality is that nothing in life comes free !

They use this as a ploy to attract infertile patients, so they can grow their sales funnel, and increase the number of IVF cycles they do every year. The problem is that this is a tactic used not to help patients, but to drum up business.

Every patient who walks into the camp is offered IVF  treatment, even if they don't need it, and could have got pregnant with much simpler and cheaper treatment. They are offered large discounts, to make the offer even more attractive ! The irony is that the IVF success rate for these patients is very high, because they did not need IVF in the first place ! However, when they get pregnant, the sing the praises of the IVF clinic to everyone they meed, thus setting up a great word of mouth marketing cycle for the clinic !

This is why these camps have become so popular - they offer a great ROI for the clinic !

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