Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Review from a patient about Malpani Infertility Clinic

After getting cheated by doctors at local IUI and IVF clinics, we had lost trust in doctors.

But we took one chance and visited Malpani clinic for their opinion. When we met Dr Anirudha he was very patient and understanding. He spoke to us in a very friendly manner and asked us not to blame ourselves.He clearly explained the procedure at Malpani clinic and all the costs involved. 

He also explained that IVF takes time and we should not lose hope. He also explained the number of times we have to visit the clinic. This was very less as compared to other clinics and doctors which allowed us to go on with our usual lives. We were impressed with all the facilities and staff at the clinic and wanted to take another chance. 

When we started the cycle Dr Anjali would personally attend to us and do the scans. There were no assistant doctors involved. She did the egg retrieval process which went very smoothly and we did not face any difficulties. The nurses are very co-operative and patiently explained the medicines and injections to be taken.We were even refunded the unused injection charges.

Embryologist Dr.Sai kept us updated on the eggs retrieved and fertilised. He sent us photos of the blastocysts and explained quality of each of them. Due to this we were at ease that we have good quality blactocyst and our chances of getting pregnant are good.We froze the embryos and transferred one of them. Dr Anjali does the transfer and she is very experienced at it. We were given photos of the embryo which was transferred and before the transfer Dr. Sai also showed us the embryo to be transferred under the microscope. But unfortunately the cycle did not work.We were disappointed but Dr Anirudha called us personally and empathised with us. He gave us hope to keep trying. 

We did another embryo transfer and this time we were lucky and got pregnant.However after 5 months we suffered a miscarriage because of placenta previa bleeding and infection. We were heartbroken and completely shattered. We spoke to Dr Anjali when we were hospitalised and she gave us hope. 

After waiting for 4-5 months we again went for embryo transfer and luckily again we got pregnant. We still have some months to go to have a baby but the doctors and staff at Malpani clinic have given us plenty of confidence and hope that we will become parents one day. Dr Anjali and Anirudha have God gift to help childless couples like us Finally our advice to other couples is Don't give up hope..your day will come it just a matter of time. And if possible please visit the Malpani clinic for your problems.

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