Thursday, February 08, 2018

How to identify a bad IVF doctor

A patient just sent me this email.
This is my first IVf cycle. ET was done on 15.01.2018.. after that bhcg result on 29th jan was 112.. doctor did a repeat bhcg on 31st jan which was 144..again they called us on 6th feb the bhcg was 122 and in tvs no embryo sac was found.. doctor has asked to stop all medicines and wait for the periods..
Please suggest what could be the possible reason for it and if i will go for second IVf will it be successful..
This was my reply

The fact that the HCG did not double after 2 days means your pregnancy was not viable.
The doctor should not have given you false hope and make you wait unnecessarily like this.
Did the doctor give you a HCG injection after the transfer ? This can fool you !

Sadly, many IVF doctors continue to exploit the patient's ignorance, and the only way to protect yourself against this is by being better informed !

1. Once the HCG is positive, the doctor should repeat it again after 3 days, at which point it should double.. If it does not  do so, this means the pregnancy is not healthy.

2. The doctor should not give a HCG injection after doing the embryo transfer. This HCG will appear in the blood and the urine, and will fool the patient into thinking she is pregnant !

3. The doctor should not ask for a vaginal ultrasound scan until the HCG crosses 1000 mIU/ml. If the scan is done before this, it will not provide any useful information, as the pregnancy sac is too small to be seen on ultrasound scanning

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