Monday, February 05, 2018

There's a lot we don't understand about IVF !

IVF is seen to be a modern medical marvel  of scientific technology, and while it has allowed us to delight millions of infertile couples, the truth is also that there's lots about the IVF process which we cannot control, because we don't understand it very well.

Patients need to understand the limitations of IVF, so that they have realistic expectations of what we can do for them. Otherwise, every IVF cycle which fails causes needless heartburn,

Thus, we still cannot predict
- how a patient will respond to superovulation
- which egg will fertilise
- which embryo will cleave normally , and which will arrest;
- which embryo will implant.

A lot of IVF treatment is still trial and error, and patients need to come to term with this.

The problem is that doctors tend to overpromise, and when the cycle fails, patients do to pieces, and lose confidence in IVF doctors !

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