Friday, February 09, 2018

Dr Malpani, thanks for your website !

I just received this email
Let me tell you what a tremendously helpful website you have created. It gives HOPE to those who are in the same path. In fact I have read through most of your blogs and success as well as failure stories. Your blogs helped me logically understand what my own Gynac is following and empowered me with knowledge to ask the right questions and take INFORMED DECISIONS.
I now understand that the uterus usually is very receptive and readily accepts an embryo whether good or bad. It all depends now on how good the embryo is. So in my case if only I can manage at least one good embryo with other things remaining constant and if it works out then age related factors will be immaterial. The duration needed for it is something beyond anyone's control which I understand completely.
Also I understand though there are technologies like PGS/PGD, to check the chromosomal aspects, it still is invasive technique in which the embryo may or may not remain as good as it was before the test. Also there are other factors which may not work for the good embryo to implant.
Hope & patience is what I can work upon where nothing much is in my hands with regards to my age. My AMH last checked was about 2.45. I am aware with my age there is going to be a steep decline, thats where being informed and alert helps.

I shall let you know how we progress in the coming months.
Having someone who is an Expert in this field, to fall back on for advice, is such a huge guiding factor. Thanks to you & your team for contributing relentlessly to this section of society who consider doctors like yourself as God-send.
It's messages like this which make being a doctor so fulfilling ! 

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