Sunday, February 11, 2018

My doctor is insisting that I do IVF

A patient emailed me.
I have had 2 miscarriages. My doctor advised to take a HSG test. The radiologist reported that my tubes are open, but I may have "peritubal disease " because there is "ampullary coiling" and the "fimbrial ends are clumped" . My doctor is insisting that I go for IVF . Can you please provide a second opinion about my case.
This is has become a common racket. A HSG is a black and white shadow, and can only tell us if the tubes are open and closed. They cannot tell us if the tubes are working or not - and they definitely cannot tell us anything about what is happening outside the tubes !

However, radiologists have become very creative in their reporting today. They  provide a "detailed assessment" - and sacrifice precision and accuracy when embellishing their reports. While the report suggests that the radiologist was very thorough , she is actually playing guessing games , and is actually doing a disservice to the patient !

The reason this racket flourishes is because the referring doctor can then point to the "abnormalities" on the report, and push the patient into doing IVF, even though she doesn't need it !

We see the same sad story play out when doctors report vaginal ultrasound scans.The machines are very powerful, and they can pick up minor findings ( such as small cysts and fibroids) ,which are of no clinical importance. However,the sonographer then highlights these abnormalities - and makes them appear far more serious then they really are by playing games - by reporting the numbers in mm rather than cm , so they seem very large !

The doctor looks at this report, and then promptly advices laparoscopy and/or hysteroscopy, to "fix" the problems ! Sadly, this unnecessary surgery often reduces the poor patient's fertility  even more !

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  1. Great blog about my doctor is insisting that i do ivf helped me a lot and provided me great information thanks for such a great blog.


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