Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Patients Need to Make Their Voices Heard !

When doctors deal with patients ,there is sometimes a lack of communication. A doctor has been going to school for a long time, and will often speak in medical terms that the patient cannot understand.  A patient may be too embarrassed to let the doctor know that everything he is telling him is going above his head. The poor doctor maybe completely clueless that the patient has no clue as to what he is talking about ! If things go wrong, the patient may feel cheated that the doctor did not explain the treatment plan properly to him - and may retaliate by giving the doctor a lot of bad reviews , or file complaints against the doctor, because of this miscommunication issue.

A doctor may not understand what it is to be a patient. Many doctors are so busy, that it's hard for them to be empathetic all the time. Not all doctors have a good bedside manner - and the doctor's cool professional mien and detachment can often intimidate the patient. Often the patient remains silent out of fear, because he dares not question his doctor , as he is worried that the doctor may take offense if he does so. If a doctor could only understand what their patients were feeling, then that would help the doctor become a better physician . Open communication is very important because without it, the patient may be resentful toward the doctor, which can end up turning into anger if there is a complication. That patient may decide to go to another doctor. The doctor may soon discover that their patient has left, and not have any idea why the patient felt the need to go to another medical professional. 

To help patients find the courage to speak up, there is a program called Speak Up. The Speak Up program is designed to help patients ask the right questions. The trick is for patients not to waste the doctor’s time, but to ask questions that have been well researched. With the help of the Speak Up program, a patient can learn exactly what their rights are.

A patient needs to remember that even though the doctor is a medical professional, that they are still human beings that cannot read minds. Remember, a patient has a voice and has to use it!
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