Monday, August 05, 2013

What Should an IVF Doctor Do When He Knows That the Patient Is Not Likely to Have a Successful IVF Treatment?

Many times, patients come to Malpani Clinic with unrealistic expectations of success. The only thing I can usually think of saying to them is no, because I am aware that their chances of success are extremely poor.

Recently, I refused a request for IVF treatment from a patient who had high FSH levels. I told her that using donor eggs would be a better idea for her. However, she put an insightful query before me. She wanted to know why I was refusing to treat her even when she was spending her own money for her treatment out of her own will. She made it clear that she was neither asking for anyone’s help nor burdening someone else with this request. She knew that her chances were extremely unlikely. She did not want to build false hopes or do anything unethical or illegal. She only requested me to cooperate with her so that she could fulfill her heart’s desire and make at attempt at getting what she wanted more than anything else in this world. She knew that she had ovarian failure but reasoned that by giving IVF treatment a shot, she could at least be at peace with the knowledge that she had tried out all available options.

She was an intelligent woman who clearly knew what her and my capabilities were and therefore, I feel that this was a reasonable request. She was making an informed and independent decision all the while being fully prepared mentally for failures. Moreover, her giving a shot to IVF treatment neither hurt her nor anyone else in the process. True, she was only using her money and not anyone else’s. It wasn’t as if she were wasting scarce resources.

Have you been refused IVF treatment by other doctors ? Do you want to find an IVF doctor who will work with you to help you maximize your chances of success, no matter how slim they are ? Someone who will respect your desires ?

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