Friday, August 23, 2013

Alternative Medicine Versus Western Medicine for IVF patients - Friend or Foe ?

3 centuries ago, Western medicine was a foreign concept in India. Infertile couples would go to an ayurvedic or unani doctor, who would give them dietary advise, along with herbal medicines. Many would make the rounds of temples, in their search of a miracle.

Even today, many infertile couples still do not always go to a regular medical doctor, and many prefer the old ways of doing things - which ironically is called alternative medicine (even though it’s been around for much longer than modern Western medicine!) Many people do not trust modern medical doctors, and will often take herbal supplements to treat whatever is wrong with them. Though alternative medicine is everywhere, a lot of IVF doctors are not always happy when patients search for alternatives.  They feel the patient is being fooled by these primitive systems of healthcare.


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