Monday, August 19, 2013

Patients Have the Right and Duty to Complain

Every day, when infertile patients come to see me, they often talk about times when they had problems with another IVF clinic, and were very unhappy with the services they received, even though these places had good reviews. As a doctor, I understand that sometimes patients have bad experiences, but what these patients need to understand is that they have the power to do something about bad services. Patients need to complain to the doctor if they are unhappy After all, how can a clinic improve how they treat patients if their patients do not let them know they are unhappy ?

When people pay money to a clinic for IVF treatment, they are paying to be treated with dignity and respect. Patients who have had a bad experience at a clinic, or with a particular doctor , need to speak up and let their voices be heard. Even if they never plan to go to that clinic again, they can help to improve the services which the next patient who goes to that clinic will receive . Though a patient may never go back to the clinic that treated them badly, they have an obligation to try to improve the services the clinic provides rather than take a " I don't care" attitude, just because it no longer affects them.

Bad clinics are just like any other service business, and just because they are a medical facility does not excuse them from bad business practices or poor patient treatment.  Patients have rights, and they should always be treated with the utmost respect. No one should get away with treating people badly, and clinics will continue their bad behaviour if patients don't speak up. 

You don't need to be offensive or aggressive  - after all, this is not a confrontation ! You are simply trying to help the clinic to do a better job by providing them with useful feedback ! Smart doctors understand that every complaint is a gift, and will try to fix pain points - after all, they understand they need to keep their patients happy.

It's often best to cool down, and then write down your complaint. Keep it on hold for 2 days, read it again, and then send it to the doctor. It's not enough just to start the problem - please also try to provide constructive solutions, so the clinic can try to implement these !

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