Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Are Busier Doctors Better Doctors ?

As an IVF doctor, my time is precious to me. During the time that I am not seeing patients, I am doing my best to make constructive use of my time. I am sure this is true of my patients, who don’t want to waste their precious time twiddling their thumbs in my waiting room.

Many doctors still feel that having a room full of waiting patients is a testimonial to their medical skills. Having patients wait hours on end to see them massages their ego because they believe that the fact that their expertise is in such great demand proves that they are the best !

I feel that a medical professional with tons of patients waiting for him in the waiting room is not a good doctor. An overbusy doctor is a doctor who does not have good time management skills, and this is clearly evident when there are so many people waiting in the room that they are sometimes stuck for two to three hours , just to get seen. An overcrowded waiting room is a sure way for a doctor to get a lot of complaints against them and a lot of negative reviews.

While patients in the USA are quick to complain, in India  patients are happy when they are made to wait. They feel that a very busy doctor is a good doctor because there so many patients who are clamouring to see him.  Doesn’t this prove that he must be an expert ?

Sadly, this is far from the truth. If the doctor is too busy, he starts getting anxious because he knows he has lots of patients to see before he can head home. He is likely to be irritable – and may start taking shortcuts, because he needs to have his dinner ! As with everything else in life, the middle path is often the best, and doctors need to learn how to manage their time, so they can do justice to their profession and their patients !

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