Monday, August 26, 2013

IVF success story at Malpani Infertility Clinic

After searching intensively about where to get the best IVF/ICSI treatment in Mumbai, my wife and me narrowed down our options to 3 clinics. At first we decided to go for a consultation at each of the 3 clinics & then finalize wherever my wife & me felt comfortable and confident that we will be treated well throughout the entire process. 

Our first impression visiting Malpani clinic raised a few doubts. First of all , the size of the clinic . Secondly , we did not find any other patient in the clinic except us! Soon after an hour or so , patients started dropping in and just in a matter of time the whole clinic was packed with eager souls like us , waiting anxiously for their turns for consulting with the doc. We realized that physical size does not matter for IVF treatment - what matters is the experience and confidence to handle any kind of critical cases , and we were reassured after consulting with Dr. Aniruddha.

When our turn came, Dr. Aniruddha kindly made us comfortable in his cabin &  went through all our medical records, answering all our questions without a rush & without  using any medical jargon. Soon we were confident that things should go well. 

We started our ICSI process & luckily completed it in a blink of an eye. Our first reaction at the end of treatment was  "that's it!"  - how can such a complicated process (after hearing the painful stories from others who had gone through such treatments) go so smoothly. Well indeed it was smooth & painless!

My wife is pregnant and our pregnancy is progressing well.

Keep up the good work Dr. Malpani and their hardworking  and friendly team....


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