Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Horror Stories About Doctors

Whenever people gather in large groups, and alcohol is served, people tend to talk about the worst experiences they have ever had in their lives. Sometimes, bad doctors are the subject of discussion - and sometimes the stories are so shocking that even doctors cringe to hear how badly some of their colleagues mistreat patients.

However, what people need to realize is that not every doctor is out to make their patients miserable.

One of the biggest complaints against doctors is the fact that patients get upset that doctors do not tell them everything. The fact is that doctors are not trying to cheat their patients by hiding information ! Doctors are not trying to be deceitful when they do not tell their patients about every single complication which can occur - or answer every single question they have. Often , there are real-life time constraints which prevent doctors from having long heart-to-heart chats with their patients. A doctor can have a long line of patients that they have to see, and they just do not have the luxury to spend as much time with every patient as they'd like to ! A doctor's clinic is open for only a few hours of the day, and they have to see many patients - especially ones that are ill.

Most doctors are more than willing to tell their patients anything they want to know, and in fact a lot of them, often encourage their patients to fill out a form that asks them proactively to list their question.

The good news is that a patient can do something about the limited face to face time they have with the doctor, by doing their homework before the appointment , so they are well-prepared and can make better use of their doctor's time.It's possible to self-prescribe Information Therapy !

Patients need to have patience, and they need to cut their doctor some slack rather than jump to the conclusion that the doctor is a cheat !  

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