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Why I love being an online IVF specialist !

This is a guest post from Carina Freeman, the Fertility Coach.

I think it's time to take the time and share my story. To help you understand why I am passionate about Hold your Hand fertility coaching.

In 1997 I was able to conceive a son with no problems at all. I had no idea what my future would hold. I have always had very severe menstrual cramps. However, I never went to get them checked out because I thought it was "normal." My mom, her sisters, and their mom also had severe cramps. I always wanted more children after my son was born in 1997, but thought maybe it just wasn't my time yet. So, we kept trying for years with no success. This made me feel like less than a woman. Why could I not give my husband a child? After several years, my husband suggested I go to the doctors to have myself checked out. In 2005 I decided to take the 1st step. This step would lead to my documented fertility journey.

My doctor did a "normal" fertility work up (blood work and exam) which came back "unremarkable". At that time he questioned me about my family history and my severe menstrual cramps. From my family history he came up with a possible diagnosis of Endometriosis. This was something I had never heard of. So, I began to research this subject on the internet. My research gave me different answers with m any poss
Still, wanting to bear another child of my own, my physician said IVF would be my best choice. Of course I had to do my own research so I asked several of my MD friends and they all agreed. I read every book that I could find about IVF and realized that would be my best chance to complete my family. A few months later, my husband went to Iraq for his second tour of duty. I felt alone. I felt like no one understood what I was going through. Depression was starting to set in. The "why me" thought was always present and in front of my thinking. What did I do wrong? I felt like less of a woman for not being able to have another child. Living in a military town, it seemed as if EVERYONE around me was pregnant. I couldn't go to the grocery store without seeing a pregnant woman. Why and how can SHE have so many kids, and why not me? The pressure from my mother for a grandd
That was not the change I needed. In fact it left me feeling even more alone. Not even a trained counselor could help me. Since I love to read, I found lots of great books on positive thinking. I learned the art of meditate and the art of training my thinking. I then realized my negative thinking was indeed harmful! That HAD to change! Having negative thinking for so long, it's was VERY hard to change on my own. Luckily, I found a great friend, she was going through infertility too! Together we began to work on our negative thinking, and began to get our minds and bodies ready for this great adventure! It wasn't an easy change, as change rarely ever is. However, now I know it was extremely necessary. We began to work on our diet, while putting our thoughts on a "diet" as well. Finally my husband came home from war. We began to talk about IVF and how we would pay for With a new way of thinking, and feeling confident that IVF would work for us, I began to research different IVF clinics. I came across lots of great US clinics, but one clinic in Europe for IVF caught my attention. Together my friend and I (and our husbands of course)
took a 2 week trip to Europe.

In 2008, after one IVF treatment, I was PREGNANT! I gave birth to perfect babies; a boy and a girl. My friend also got pregnant on her first IVF attempt with twins!
Through out my pregnancy I kept a IVF diary made very public on you-tube.

My education continues every single day to help you educate you. Dr. Google has good information but is not always the best. With my dedication, knowledge, and compassion to help others, I will be here for you in every aspect!! My way of coaching is like no other. I help bridge the gap between your mental and physical health by helping you find your true self, teaching you how to train your thinking through meditation and other channels, and getting you ready for a successful pregnancy.

Thank you for listening to my story!



Throughout my journey there was on online doctor that went above and beyond with the free information he offers. He deserves to be recognized for all he does for the infertility community. Please check out his website and grab the free information he provides. He also provides an infertility cartoon!! Please take a look.

Thank you so much Dr. Malpani !!
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