Saturday, April 23, 2011

Doctors and social media

" And perhaps more important, doctors who fail to embrace social media risk becoming irrelevant, as more patients flock to the web as a source of health information, rather than endure the inconvenience of a doctor’s office:

Doctors who are not active online risk being marginalized. Facebook and Twitter users, half of whom are under of age of 34, rely on the web for most of their information. As this demographic ages, it’s conceivable that they will consult social media first to answer their health questions."

In the past, senior doctors had an edge over their juniors because of the "grey-beard" syndrome. Times are changing and doctors need to evolve with them ! Patients will usually go online first when they have a health-related problem - and doctors who are not online may soon find that they have become dinosaurs, who can no longer survive !

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  1. For Doctors who wish to know how Facebook can help their practice they can check out this wonderful presentation by Nrip:

    Actually you can simply follow his blog
    and also ... where we put up "How to" guides for Technology and Social Media use for Doctors/Hospitals as well as Discuss the interesting developments in the area of Health Care and Medical Technology


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