Sunday, April 24, 2011

Doctors as online trusted patient educators

" Guiding patients to better online sources of medical information should be a new physician responsibility for the digital age. Not only should doctors expect and be receptive to questions patients raise from Web research, they need to proactively engage patients online in order to dispel falsehoods and guide them to legitimate sites."

This is why I feel every doctor should have their own website ! It forces them to search for reliable health websites ( to which they can link) so they can guide their patients intelligently, rather than getting upset when patients come with many sheets of internet printouts ! Even better, it will encourage thoughtful doctors who are not happy with the quality of the information they find on other sites , to publish better customised content on their own website, thus helping lots of
other patients !
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  1. I praise you and your efforts as an informed 21st century health care provider. It is crucial for doctors to have their own websites first because 68% of Americans alone last year found their doctor via an online directory and social media. However, doctors also need to focus on quality care for their patients. That's why leaving the SEO, Social media, and online exposure to sites like us is also crucial. Nice blog!


  2. I think, this is a really nice to implement online health care services...

    In the recent era, most of the people use online doctors help from internet..


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